Ingersoll Reviews “The Passion of Christ”

Suppose, however, that God did give this law to the Jews, and did tell them that whenever a man preached a heresy, or proposed to worship any other God that they should kill him; and suppose that afterward this same God took upon himself flesh, and came to this very chosen people and taught a different religion, and that thereupon the Jews crucified him; I ask you, did he not reap exactly what he had sown? What right would this god have to complain of a crucifixion suffered in accordance with his own command?”— Robert G. Ingersoll, “Some Mistakes of Moses”

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  1. Esteban says:

    OK, I’ll comment on this one.
    Back when I was a Xtian, I would say something like, “Jesus was a Jew! He lived in the Jewish religion, though he did usher in a new era by his actions. He ‘fulfilled the law’ so that we don’t have to live under the old covenant law. Besides, we are not Jewish. The Jewish religion was applicable only to the Jewish people. Gentiles (non-Jews) can indeed live under the new covenant. (That’s one of the major characteristics of the new covenant.) So, from God’s perspective, it’s not a new religion. It’s still ‘His’ religion; it’s just a new covenant within the one true religion. The Jews should not have crucified Jesus; he lived as Jehovah wanted him to live.”
    Of course, now I understand that the whole thing (Judaism, Xtianity, etc.) is all baloney.

  2. Rastaban says:

    Christianity is based on the dubious premise that God changed his mind dramatically between the OT and the NT. In the OT we have God’s commandments, judgments & law, and in the NT God has decided to do away with all (or most) of that. In the OT God denies eternal life to humans (even posts cheribim with flaming swords to guard the tree of eternal life so people can’t bite one of its apples and so live forever.) The NT on the other hand is all about promising eternal life. The reality is that the OT and the NT belong to separate & incompatible religions, and Christianity is somewhat incoherent due to the effort to combine those two testaments into one book. (Islam tries to go one better, of course, so I imagine it is even more incoherent.)

  3. corynski says:

    Exactly. Paul had an hallucination on the road to Damascus, and he formed a new religion around it. And quite a creation that was, as we now know. He simply warped judaism to fit his new revelations as he needed creation myths to shore up his creation.

    Islam is more incoherent, like the ravings of a madman. Curious, isn’t it, that the three world-class ‘religions’, the violent religions, all pray to the god of Abraham, who apparently gave each religion a different ‘holy’ book, and each book tells their followers to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in their conception of ‘god’.

  4. Rastaban says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The religious triumverate which sprang from the middle east have been remarkably violent. They have saddled homo sapiens with a defective (often barbaric) morality that we still can’t seem to shake off even today.

    Unfortunately, with the advent of weapons of mass destruction the stakes have gotten too high. We must get rid of the “violent religions” (I like that phrase) before it’s too late.

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