Eve’s Breasts

With apologies to Christ (who I’m certain would have been as perplexed as I am), we have more evidence of the moral insanity of American Christians. An artist in Roseville, Michigan and an art gallery owner in Pilot Point, Texas have been arrested and convicted (Edward Stross of Roseville) or threatened with arrest (Dwight Miller of Pilot Point) for painting murals depicting God’s creation of Eve. Read about it here. Both artists had the apparently not-so-original idea of painting a variation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam (the original graces the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel) using Eve in place of Adam. The problem? Eve has breasts—naked breasts. God forgot to create her with clothing, it seems.

For that, the artists had to be charged with pornography.

These are the same Christians going apoplectic over breasts who don’t seem to have a problem in the world with torture.

The flaw with the Christian religion (and from my point of view it is an unforgivable flaw) is that it loves pain and hates bodily pleasure. Pleasures are “deadly sins” which God will, according to Christinsanity, punish with eternal pain. Sex, of course, is a horror, but so is the entirely innocent pleasure of being a body and having breasts—if you can be seen by anyone.

Christians want to criminalize the human body. It is nothing other than moral insanity, and it has consequences. The unfortunate results go well beyond the warping of moral values, beyond insensibilities that gag on nudity and chuckle over torture. They include the massive deficiency of Vitamin D in Christian societies, which is a substance naked skin naturally manufactures in abundance when exposed to sun, but in our insane Christian (and Muslim) world we must fortify milk and other foods with Vitamin D in order to prevent a disease-causing deficiency. In fact, a good bit of the depression rampant in Western society is probably due to inadequate exposure to sunlight, especially during winter months.

But to life-denying, death-embracing religions like Christinsanity and Islaminsanity, the body is sinful. Pleasure is evil. Breasts are an abomination that must be hidden—forget the fact that at one time no baby in the world could survive without a nipple to suckle. Or the fact, confirmed by science today, that breast-fed children are happier, healthier, more intelligent and better adjusted than the purse-lipped bottlefed.

Imagine if there were a God, the perfect author of the human body. What would He think of these body-hating perverts who pretend to bow down before Him yet in actuality despise the pinnacle of His creative effort?

It is an evil religion which prefers death (euphemistically called “afterlife”) over the living, wonderful, naked, pain-averse, pleasure-focused human body. They believe in God—or claim to—yet spit on His art.

If they could, American Christians would throw God in jail for pornography. Lord Obscenity Himself, creator of naked Eves and Adams, breasts and genitals and pleasures unspeakable within the hearing of the insane.

Throw Him in jail, the first pornographer of worldly things.

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2 Responses to Eve’s Breasts

  1. Esteban says:

    You can see the actual mural here: http://www.aclu.org/freespeech/censorship/11517prs20050111.html
    On the other hand, if you want to see real boobies, look here: http://www.montereybay.com/creagrus/boobies.html

  2. Rastaban says:

    Hey, thanks for providing the link to the art. It’s even less objectionable than I would have imagined. Which makes this sentence from the ACLU article even more bizarre:

    “Because Eve’s breasts were bare in the mural, the Pilot Point Police Department repeatedly threatened, in writing, to prosecute Miller under a criminal statute aimed at those who would victimize children by selling or displaying to them hard-core pornography.”

    If the picture of a breast “victimizes” children by displaying “hard-core pornography” then what should we do to a woman who allows her baby to actually suck on her breast? Oh horror of horrors!

    In reality I would expect a motherly breast to be a comforting image to any child. Unless of course the child’s mind has been warped by Christinsanity.

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