Why Are We Alive?

We go to work, we eat, are entertained or entertain others with movies, music, tv, drama and comedy, we party with friends, couple, have sex, yet behind all our activities lurks the question, why do we exist? What is it all about? Why should there be life rather than not? And why us—why are we the ones who should be alive?

I think it is fair to say that this is the ultimate religious question. All of our major religions have a “story” whose purport is to answer it.

It’s likely that humans are the only species on earth who asks such a question of themselves. That observation itself, that we alone ask the question of existence, is often thought to be a clue to the answer. Perhaps other animals fail to ask why they are alive because they have no “higher purpose”; perhaps we ask because we sense that we do. That we even wonder about such things could itself be evidence that there is something “untold” about our lives, that there is “something more”.

Before continuing, let’s ask ourselves what kind of answer could ever satisfactorily resolve this question of “why?”.

Imagine God asking himself (itself/herself)

Why do I exist? What is my purpose?

For God, what could the answer be to such a query? What is it that makes God’s existence meaningful for God?

If we try to address this question from God’s point of view (rather than our own) we are likely to conclude that no possible answer could do God justice. God doesn’t have a “higher purpose” because God is the higher purpose. God doesn’t yearn for “more” because God is the “more”.

God doesn’t have to ask why his life is meaningful, or what makes it meaningful, because God is the source of meaning itself. If your life is the source of meaning, it makes no sense—indeed there is no need—to ask why or whence.

The Meaning of Meaning

But to understand this, let’s look at what it means to be meaningful. Words, as we know, are (usually) meaningful, but what makes them meaningful? Their meaning derives from the fact that they reference—that is to say, they point to—something in the world. Sometimes, to be sure, words only point to other words which point to other words and so on. But eventually there are real, existing things being pointed at which are the source of meaning (even if only in a pretend way, as in fiction), or else the whole pile of words signifies nothing.

Put simply, something is meaningful if it points at something else which serves as its source of meaning. Thus a theist would say that our human lives are meaningful because they point back to a source of meaning in God. But notice a peculiar consequence of this. Unless there is a greater God who is God’s source—and by definition there isn’t—God’s life isn’t meaningful. God has nothing to point back to for a source of meaning.

In this sense in which we use the word meaningful, if applied to God’s case we have to admit that God is not meaningful. God’s existence doesn’t reference something else. This follows because God is a source of meaning, something which meaningful things reference, and not something whose existence references elsewhere.

To our God asking himself what makes his life meaningful, the correct response would be,

God, you don’t understand—that question doesn’t apply to you because you are not meaningful but a source of meaning.

And what if the question doesn’t apply to us either? What if it makes no sense to ask the why questions about our existence because, like God, we are sources of meaning, because our living does not reference elsewhere.

Unexplainable Us

It’s not even that we must create meaning for ourselves, as Sartre maintained. After all, do we imagine God making up stories about himself, creating “reasons” for his existence? It would be unnecessary. Existence doesn’t need meaning, and the attempt to apply “meaning” can only bring it down a notch. Real beings exist; they don’t exist for a reason.

In fact, reasons are only explanations. They come afterward, when we want to talk about things. When we want ideas to work with. Just as it would demean God to say he exists for the purpose of bringing us into the world and furthering our human careers, so it demeans us to say that God created us to carry out some grand plan of his. Meanings & explanations turn us into mere tools. To say we need a meaning is to say—beforehand—that we are tools for something else. It makes us illegitimate, makes us important for someone else, rather than important within.

All such efforts stem from the mistaken trap of believing that thought can legitimize existence. It never can.

We can smother ourselves in explanations (as we smother everything else)—and they are useful (extremely useful when the scientific method is followed)—but explanations can never justify usefulness itself, or justify us in our lives.

We are not the sort of things that need be or ever can be explained. We simply are.

De-Valuing the Body

What is curious is that theists cannot accept the possibility of bodily life being valuable on its own. From the natural perspective, this is difficult to comprehend. The atheist wonders how one could not see bodily life as inherently valuable. How can value not be embodied?

The answer is that theism derives from an incomprehensible but long-standing tradition of splitting body from soul, with all value assigned to the soul side of the equation. The body is devalued “by definition,” which means the theist faces a logically-defined barrier to identifying our bodies as valuable.

As one theist explained to me years ago,

The soul, the personality, is actually the being, not the body. The body is the mere tool or the puppet of the soul to be used for playing the game, and for communication. The truth is that you don’t need a body to experience joy and pleasure. Actually the pleasures that can be had on a ‘body’ level are quite low level when compared to the spiritual ones of serenity and exhilaration.

Life, the soul, the being, can exist with or without the body, but the body without the soul is little more than a hunk of meat with no goals, no hope, no desires, no personality. It is in short ‘dead’ for all practical purposes, except for that it can breath and perform the physical functions of life. —John Kendrix, Seekers BBS, Atlanta, GA, 11/14/1988, Msg# 6476, To: The Atheist, Re: Bodies (spelling corrected)

Kendrix’s devaluation of the body demonstrates the pernicious (if not outright evil) influence of spirituality. It represents a viewpoint endemic to theism, which effectively sets believers up for a life bordering on depression, unmoored from any stable source of value. Within its framework, God is essential of course, and in this sense devaluation of the body serves the religious priesthood well.

Yet God’s role is a disturbing one here, for deity serves as a last-ditch effort to introduce a stable and enduring source of value for our lives, a desperate way to make some kind of sense of life and why we exist as bodies.

But you can’t make sense of why we exist as bodies by denying that we are bodies or denying that bodies are valuable. And you can’t deny the body’s centrality to life and at the same time live and feel with any kind of sanity or moral ground. The problem is that adding God doesn’t make sense of things. A bodiless God, brought in to be the ground of life, is anything but grounded. Inevitably God floats off in the realm of non-existence, weightless, groundless, absurd.

The core problem with God is that he has no body, and therefore no way to move or exist, no way to be valuable, much less to serve as a source of value for us. A disembodied mind—whether God’s or ours—can’t bring value to life.

It takes a body for that.

Getting Rid of the Middleman

The natural world view enhances our inherent value because it removes the “middleman”—God—which has separated us from our worthiness. Many claim that nature without God leads to despair and loss of intrinsic value to life, but in reality we ought to be delighted to be able to dispense with the middleman. Without God, ultimate worth comes back to bodily life itself.

Remove God from your world view and everything that matters gets redirected to life.

If we think of ourselves as natural, and of the natural world view as one that folds God into nature, then we see that atheism can only enhance our worth as human beings. Naturalism eliminates God, but more importantly it eliminates the need for God. It brings value—everything we value—home to our bodies. Home to us.

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209 Responses to Why Are We Alive?

  1. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    Sorry, can’t be long, I’m in the middle of something.

    I’m glad we are at some sort of truce (I hope).

    As for religion, I suppose it because after thinking for a long time on it (too much spare time) there must be reasons why the bible was made if it is not a true holy object. Although there are many variations, they all lead to one major concept. Humans are weak minded, We require something more and “bigger” then us to feel safe, to give us “peace of mind” if you must. I hate to make myself sound patronizing but I really can’t think of anyother form of explaining at the moment. It is similar to a baby or a youg child holding on to a blanket or a stuffed teddy. They want something there, something to allow them to feel safe. Some people cannot live with there being nothing past death, nothing more to live then living life day by day. Religion fills that gap. It gives you a reason to live, it gives you a greater being that is everwhere that allows you to feel safe all the time in the knowledge that it is always there with you. It gives humanity hope of something better, Heaven. The bible’s instructions also show us how to act as good human beings and what to do in soem situations. It teachs morals. (This is why I do not say I am atheist, if we were all christians then life would pretty good, but it will not happen) If we all followed any “one” religion then we would live peacfully and pretty well, but… not happening.

    As for insignificance, the thought of me being someone that helped lead to the great creator of the cure for cancer does not appeal. I did nothing. I would not be mentioned, I would not be known. I will most likely also not know that I was in that chain of people leading to the man who has done a great feat and there is no garentee that I am in that chain. So despite not caring about the progression of the human race, etr. It does not mean I will kill myself to prevent it. It just means I’m not thinking baout the future, I suppose I literally do not care because there would be nothing I can do to change that anyway.

    From these depressing thoughts you can probably tell I have too much time to think and (not yet known if its an actual medical problem but it seems ot be in my family) depressional problems. I’m wierd and I know it. x)


  2. Kathleen says:

    It’s okay, I think everyone is a little weird and those who do not admit it are simply in denial (and boring).

    Well, at the risk of you losing all (if any) respect you had of me, I will say strait up, I am a Christian, I believe in the Bible and I believe Jesus is my Savior.

    However, I do not discourage questioning my faith. I find your (and mostly everyone else’s)comments on this blog very insightful. While I am not indecisive, I am open minded. Truth is my goal.

    As for the baby and blanket analogy, I can not say I disagree. In a way, I think that is what God intended it to be for His followers and I do not view that as a problem. I also don’t think that sooo many people would feel this need to have some form of a Creator or Guide if it was not true.

    In regards to the human progression, I’m not sure I follow exactly your point, but I don’t think it is beneficial to worry about your link in the chain. It’s best to do all you can in the present, not the future.

  3. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    Dont worry, I don’t lose respect for you. One of my friends down the road is christian and I dont feel any different towards him. =]

    Also I agree with you that because so many people believe it and follow the christian faith that it must be true. But I suppose what gets me is what I said earlier. 80% of almost every country is what we would call “slow and weak minded.” I do not mean this as in christian is for dummies. I just feel that it helps contribute towards why so many need something to follow and need christianity in their life.

    Also I realise im being disrespectful here, but I need to post this somewhere and if not here then where else? x)
    If Bible = Rhubarb, then we would all be following the Rhubarb.
    It just happens to be the religion that succeeded. Back to the majority theory. Because there are so many different Religions, it makes me think that maybe we naturally want a higher being or we are searching for this “god” that is out there. But so far all the religions are based from humans and not from the higher being. I also believe that even if we cannot see the higher being. It would make itself known. So for me, I dont see christianity as the answer.

    I wont talk about it now because i need to go sorry, but there is also the long lost question of our purpose, which when summarized has 2 options.
    1. We are the part of the chaing leading to something later in life that is worth going through life for.
    2. God made us for his own purpose, eg, to love, for entertainment, to torment, to watch and take interest in or just for the hell of it.

    either way you look at it, we are pretty pointless unless the new beginning starts soon. It is this pointlessness that makes me feel that religion is wrong.


  4. Kathleen says:

    I understand the Bible=Rhubarb thing, but here’s where I think its misunderstood: The Bible contains more than “the religion that succeeded”, it contains (even atheists would agree, though not in regard to the supernatural) historical documentations, Facts.

    Religions like mormonism, buddhism, even catholicism, etc…have ‘man based’ religions, i.e. they sprung from humans who happened to gather enough followers to become a ‘religion.’ (some would say cult)

    Christianity has a history, a foundation, more than a revelation to a man (John Smith, Buddha…) The only other religion than can boast this is Islam, which, in my oppinion, is just a misguided version of Christianity (Christianity follow Isaac, Isam follows Ishmael)

    As for the pointless thing, the fact that we exist, which I believe we truly do, gives us a point a purpose, even if that purpose is as meagre as to merely keep existing.

    God is sometimes strange, irrational, and unorderly to human perspectives; however, a lack of comprehension does not affect validity.

    And, what do you mean by “the new beginning”?

  5. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    There are facts in the bible, but what I disagree with is how there are claims of prophercies coming true all the time. If something is written, no matter how absurd it will eventually come true. Maybe not in a litteral way but through some form or manner it will (I state this with no time limit in mind). For example there are those searching the bible for hidden words. They believe they saw a pattern of “Twin Towers Destroyed.” But if we think logically, this is a translated english version so that cannot be relied on. They also did the same with Winnie the Pooh and came across “two world wars.” So to me, I dont believe any of these prophercies.

    As for the facts of the Bible. Yes a man named Jesus existed around that time who was born in Bethlehem. But there was also another few thousand people called Jesus and Im pretty sure that some of them lived in Bethlehem too. There were also many prophets, a lot of street prophets too. Someone was bound to be called Jesus in this job. Its shows that if you search hard enough you can almost find anything. The same could go with Budhhasism but nobody has really done that much research into it.

    What annoys me about Christinaity, not christians, just the religion;s basis. It is way too flimsy. All I have to do is bring in the theory of “i forgot the name” where you think about how nothing behind you exists.

    It is complicated to explain in a comment, but I will try.

    If you face forwards. You see what is in front of you, for example a chair. By looking at that chair you are forcing it to exist. If you then turn around 180 degrees. You cannot see the chair, you do not know that it is there. The chair now does not need to exist, it may not exist anymore. If you use a mirror or turn around again and look again at the chair, then you are again forcing it to exist and therefore it does. An experiment to test this theory was thought of, but the test itself can never be tested otherwise we would be forcing a result and the whole point of the theory would be lost. The test is; put an animal that requires food and water to live in a box that has no holes. Then put that box itself into another box that is air tight. In theory that animal should die. But only if we go an open the box or look inside. If we never look inside the box then there is never any need for the animal to die. So by not looking in the box the animal inside could still be alive. The moment we look inside, by logic, it is forced to die and so we will see it dead. The moment we do an autopsy we force the animal to have been dead for however long we left it in the box and there fore the experiment will have proved nothing. It is theory that is similar to christianity because when we try to go and find god we come back to the same answer of he is everywhere and within us all. If we try to connect with God then we come back to how God works in mysterious ways and how he may answer you without your knowledge of the answer. Christianity is based on knowing nothing.

    Im sorry if that sounds like im being disrespectful. I dont know how to put that theory into better words.

    as for the last part of each comment, forget it x) hehe


  6. Kathleen says:

    Well that sounds like a very long, complicated explanation to say that Christianity is circular, and it is.

    But, tell me if you can think of any worldview, state of mind, or existence theory that is not ultimately circular in the end.

    It all comes back to whatever one holds to be the highest authority, and if that authority is true, then circularity is justified and correct.

    I admit there are a LOT of cooks in the world claiming that the Bible prophesied the world wars and 9/11 and such, but I am not one of them. The Bible interprets the Bible; the prophesies of the Bible are about Jesus Christ alone. Not to go into doctrinal details, but those prophesies have been fulfilled, easily, without any contortional textual readings by wistful wannabe believers.

    This probably seems like a dissapointing one-sided answer, but if you take time (and it does take time) to open-mindedly study the Bible and its teachings the rational causes and effects are undeniable. It makes sense.

  7. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    Lol, The song that happens to be on is “Heaven is a Place On Earth.”

    I am opening my mind to your answer of that everything is circular in the end if things, that it all depends on the opinino of what is the highest authority. I suppose I can understand it, but… doesn’t that put and end to life? If we just agree everything is circular and that it is all in the eye of the beholder then it is possible to figure out everyone. To know that person based on their belief and their opinions, their actions. Not exactly down to the very last situation’s reaction of course. But it sounds like giving up. I really don’t want to live in a world where everything is as simple as that. It would be boring and no doubt we wouldn’t have got where we are now.

    If I now change my opinion to human beings as the highest lifeform that I know of and I agree that everything is circular. Then from now on I should help each human like it MUST be done and it should bring me great happiness. I could still do this, but I would be happy from helping people and seeing their smiles, not because my belief told me that I need to. Nothing is as simple as everything being Circular. Except the mathamatical properties of circles x)

    Accepting that Christianity is circular along with many other things is just showing that it is limited. If something is not limited then we will not end up where we always are.

    While I say that, I realise that when thought out longer, you would end up where I am in life. At this time, for many months, I have been looking for a new hooby, something new and exciting. But if I add that concept to what I have just said, then it looks like I will need to create a new hobby. Everything around us is limited, Skateboarding, no matter how you look at it, is boarding on a plank of wood with wheels. Sailing, no matter where you sail and how you look at it, it is riding around in a boat on the waves for a bit. Piloting an aircraft, no matter how you look at it, even with all the flips and the dives,, it comes back to the same thing. You are inside a big metal engine that flies and a flip is the same as any other flip.

    So basically, I have rambled without a true meaning so far.
    But to put everything in to concept. I dont know if you hace read the earlier comments yet, but dont worry about reading them if you dont want to. But Ive mentioned I want something more in life, as you can see. So far, Im limited. If it is true that everything is circular leading ti the same thing, then my opinion of life will sink even lower. But I believe that there is something more, something exciting and something without limits that is not referred to as heaven.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Why can’t that new exciting thing without or beyond limits be heaven? It is for me.

    Humans are limited, body and mind, that is why everything goes in circles for us. But souls will not be limited after death. Heaven defies human laws, it is beyond our finite reason (It is not a place on earth lol).

    I think, and I may be wrong, that you just don’t want to die to find heaven; you want it here and now. Sorry this sounds pessimistic, but you will never find something new and exciting in this life.

    However, that does not mean you can’y enjoy a hobby. It doesn’t have to be new to be exciting and fun. Personally, I LOVE scuba diving. No matter how many times I go under water, it never loses its appeal.

    I could write more but I have to go….Hope it mamkes some sense

  9. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    it makes sense in a nonsense making way x)

    this is what annoys me. How would you know that heaven is there to go to? You have just been told about it in some book written by people thousands of years ago when they also believed that carrots were the fruit of the devil and that pigs were creatures of satan. Some extreamist Jews still have this opinion, but most will just follow the rules without actually thinking that Pigs are Satan’s animal. Thats fine I suppose.

    But seriously, If you stand back from christianity and think about “What if god isnt there?” then you realise how silly it really looks. Some people wrote about some fantasy hero and spread the word to millions of people to make some Pope who is the representative of this hero and higher being wealthy and fat. I realise thats a very harsh way to look at it. But seriously, without the faith in God, everything falls on its face. As I said, Jesus cannot be claimed as proof of christianity, it is all on God himself. With god, there are sceptical things such as why certain things such as contraception and abortion and looked and frowned upon ( I already know why they think this I took a GCSE on it because my school only had the half RS GCSE which is focused on only Christianity) and then Without God, you realise that it all trips on its own words. When i say that, It may seem, “well that is obvious.” But i mean there is nothing to fall back onto, there is no something else that will the nprove God and bring him back in the picture again. once he’s out, he is well and truly out. Which is why, the moment you search for the truth and think about the possibilities of there beign no God you realise that there is no reason for there to be a God, there is no need for him now. There is no obvious reason to go to church other then to make sure that God is happy with us. But if God was like humans, if he was thoughtful and reasonable. He would realise that making people drag themselves out of bed early on a sunday is just mean. Especially when you give them NO proof of your being there to give the service any reason. So now Faith comes into play again. It is faith behind God, it is faith behind Jesus Christ and his ways. But then we critise other religions for having no Saviour that is record to have lived. If Buddhasism had a buddha who was named and choose a place to live, then they would find a person with that name and in that time period and in that town because if it was an odd name no one would follow that religion anyway because we are such thoughtless creatures, us humans. So if we now go to a child who is frightened at night because of the belief there is a monster under their bed. What proof do they have that it is there? None. Do we believe our children? No. will they be upset and try to prove it is there? Most likely.

    The same questions can be answered about christianity:

    So there are christians who follow this God and claim we should too, or else we go to hell and suffer eternal pain and terror. Do they have any proof? None. Do we believe them? No. Will they be upset and try to convert us? Most likely. Ofcourse, it could be Yes to the second question, in which case your a christian xD lol and following that second question makes the second answer, yes, seem a little… off, shall we say?

    Ive just made quite a large and bold statement about there being no proof. So I’d better back that up so i dont seem totally stupid.

    Jesus, we discussed, its not a reliable source and could be claimed by any other religion, which christianity claims are fake.

    God, refuses proof because it is all on Faith.

    The bible, is written by people with the words of God in their mind, but then we go back to the second statement.

    Souls/ ghosts, I will believe when i see a ghost, or when one happens to move something, etr. Until then, I will wait for scientific Proof, and I will be converted.

    Other parchments or scrolls, Same as the Bible.

    I think thats all, if theres a source Ive missed, please tell me.

    Sorry to be so Bold, but im moving on in my arguements, there basically a new one per comment, and ive had lots of comments, so all the nicely nicely ones are through with now x)


    PS, yes very pessimistic x) Its basically saying that if your intellectual enough to be bored of Earth and its properties, then commit suicide to reach heaven faster, but then you commited suicide and you go to hell. in which case you must wait to die of old age or murder/manslughter. And that is VERY VERY boring, I would know.

  10. Kathleen says:

    The only “proof” I, and many others, have of Christianity is by revelation, which is wholly ineffable. Unfortunately I cannot give you my revelation, sorry, but only God can…

    You seem, um, bitter maybe?(No offense, just an observation) You seem to think the world should be constantly pleasing you (ie keeping you from boredom) but what gives you the gall to assume that?

    I just don’t understand one thing about your worldview. You say you are a relatively moral person, but why? Why should you stick to any morals if there is no final consequence for you actions. “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die” Thats what I would do if I didn’t believe in God, but I do and I live my life accordingly. I live my life, thankful that one I will die. Because I want to die; this world is filled with human shit and I want to get away from it.

    You seem to want to be given proof of God’s existence, but you see it all through skeptics eyes.

    Its true that pessimists are never dissapointed, but they are also never satisfied. Skeptics may never be duped by lies, but they may never realize the truth.

  11. TheNameofYourNextGod says:


    You suddenly went all suicidal at the end of your comment there…

    anyway, Sorry, i suppose it may be my typing style of way of speaking, but I dont mean to “Demand” the world to please me, I would like to find something “Inside” of the world that is fun and exciting and all the amazing things that would make life worth living.

    Ive been told that when you find true love, that is when you suddenly Desire to live to the fullest and love life because you are with that person. Ive been told that having children is what makes live worth living and makes you work harder because you love them. There are things in life worth living for like special moments, but they usually require other people there as well. So when put to a finer point, People are what make life worth living. In no part of that is God needed. You could argue that God is needed because he made us and he mades us reproduce, but he didnt make dinosaurs and they also reproduced. So here is another example of why I dont believe in God.

    As for being bitter, yes you could say that.

    Morals? Because I believe that humans should still have respect and show that they are not so low as to stoop to the levels of lower creatures. For example, Kicking someone when on the floor, I will never do it. If im in a foreign country I will follow their rules because it is their country (though I will admit that i disagree with the situation that happened with the teddy bear named Mohamed).

    I believe that using Hostages is dishonourable, I believe that being an extreamist is stupid, eg I hate feminists and I hate riots that have a pointless meaning, If there is a genuinly bad thing happening then sometimes it is needed, but a lot of the times there are riots, its for nothing. Following Morals, shows that you are better then someone else, I know that sounds bad in a way, but it really pisses me off what some people will do.

    As for looking at God’s proof through skeptical eyes, well… Ofcourse? Otherwise I would be just like a christian Believing it? I think there is a major difference between believing, and knowing. That is what separates most christians to non-christians.

    In writing this, I will not be so blind as to miss a major shot in the foot. I dont know if you would have noticed or not. But when I say that in my morals I believe something is right or wrong, it could be compared to Christianity. But I would argue that I have proof that any man or animal can kick and fight while their opponant is down, I can argue that there is reason not to do certain things. But , then we have the reason of this is how we are brought up in life. Christians could argue that too, but then you lose the battle of proving the other wrong because you are openly admitting to being brought up like that, and therefore cannot help but be a christian. If people weren’t brought up as christians, I wonder how many there would really be in the world today.


  12. Kathleen says:

    Ok…we are never going to agree, that’s fine, I guess. Agree to disagree. I hate, as much as I assume you do, people that force their oppinions/theories/ideals down your throat, no matter how true they may be, or how wrong I may be. But, this still interests me…

    This question is probably getting on your nerves by now, but WHY do you follow any morals?

    Put another way, would you judge (by which I mean, criticize or disagree) with someone who followed an opposing moral? Because if you do, which I would find hard to believe if you did not, then by what standard?

    Think about it; if there is no universal moral standard, then there is no right and wrong, and there must be a right and wrong.

  13. TheNameofYourNextGod says:


    If you’re trying to make me type, “You can’t Explain morals.” Then forget it, because that could be used as something to say that God also cannot be explained xD

    I could explain my morals, but it would take way too long.
    Ive already said that twice now. And i started in the last comment, but couldnt be bothered to continue.

    Why follow morals? Well, as I said above, “Morals? Because I believe that humans should still have respect and show that they are not so low as to stoop to the levels of lower creatures.” By this statement, I am saying that a human that follows morals shows that it has discipline enough to do so and shows that it has enough intellect to show that it has thought out a situation and decided and wrong and right, those that do not follow morals show lack of thought towards certain situations and show no discipline. This makes you a better human being, that has more use of its brain power and shows it.

    Following morals is what we should do otherwise chaos will rule and we will all be stooping to tactics of those that anyone can acomplish, rather then doing something individual and being more thoughtful.

    Hard to put in words, but I hope you should understand. If not, Then you will never understand =\

    By the way, I have already explained (in a lengthy comment) that one of my theories about the bible is where the bible is just a book of guides that some nice person made to try and make humans more civilised. Im not re typing, just search through if you want to see. Sorry.


  14. Josie says:

    Ok seriously,
    how can anyone say that people who live their life by God are better people or more peaceful… How many people have died and are still dying right now in stupid wars over religion??

    Yeah.. thats what I thought.

    And I really, reeaallly cannot understand how people can believe in (any) God. It makes absolutely no sense. There is no proof whatsoever. None.
    Oh some prophecies came true… riight… prophecies that some humans wrote a couple thousand years ago.
    And morals… come on. Do you really think that humans in any society couldn’t come up with their own (moral) rules??
    Religion is all about money and power. It always has been.
    I’m not judging anyone for believing in whatever but don’t make it look like God is the more ‘logical’ explanation. It’s not.
    It’s a belief, not a knowledge!

  15. Josie says:

    Oh and, there is no ‘universal truth’. There is no universal right or wrong. We came up with it. We constructed it.

  16. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    Hmm, we both on a similar brainwave. Dont look at my comment as a counter argument because I am not arguing. But I will say that if everyone did follow God, the world would be better “because there would be no wars and there would be no violence and fighting and gambling and stuff.” But unfortunatly not everyone will follow the lie that is God. Just a quick side note ; )

    And damn, is no one else commenting? =o

  17. Kathleen says:

    Okay, i’m back (computer problems–I don’t do technology well)

    This is for Josie (or whoever else wants to answer)

    If there is no universal truth/standard, then there can be no morals. But there MUST be morals or humanity would cease to exist.

    “The Abolition of Man” by, yes, the Christians go-to guy after Paul (and God/Jesus, of course), C.S. Lewis, who was once an avid atheist and religions aside, a true genius intellectually. If you haven’t read it, then read it and then decide if there is no universal standard.

  18. A Man. says:

    If not to die for anything, than to live for nothing; the end has always justified the means. In the initial argument, as I understand it, the author wishes to describe the ultimate form of existence as a state of mind in which the person focuses all energies of his/her life into creating bodily serenity (“Without God, ultimate worth comes back to bodily life itself… Remove God from your world view and everything that matters gets redirected to life.”). So it seems that the author would have us, humanity, “explained” (excuse my use of the term) or summed in the fact that we are ( “We simply are.”). So my only question upon this stance is why not live. Because being logically transcends not being?

    Who can know the future? Yes, in our lives there may be pleasure, but can anyone or anything guarantee a life of unbroken sensual joy? Certainly Not. So does what pleasure we might encounter tip the scales to counteract what ills might befall us. Why not accept the death penalty rather than a life of imprisonment. What is it to us to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune when we could simply to rest retreat. Certainly to be nothing must precede pain, harm, turmoil, War.

    So if to die is nothing and to live everything then why concern ourselves with the existence of others. I think it quite a detraction from the ideal that being is supreme to say that what is pleasurable is wrong; is this not best to do that which makes us best? By what standard should value humanity so much that we do not also see people as a tool to the betterment of life. Sex is what exhilarates me, heightens my experience, therefore what problem does rape postulate. What is the problem with human experimentation. With genocide, homicide, suicide, tell me by what idea, theory or standard you would apply value to human life?

    What is rationality that it should give to us value? Are we not just advanced animals. Technology is certainly proof enough that we have power like none other. Still, because the matter of our body, the inner systems, the brain waves function and act differently, what is it that we should see animals as less. We are animals. We see it fit to devour cows, yet find it repulsive to devour humans. What is the difference. What in chromosomes entitles us to value?

    Why do people care for other people?

    Why should I concern myself with survival? Of me or my race. Something will come along and fill the place of highest being.

    Can anyone tell me why I should NOT KILL MYSELF.

  19. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    I will comment your discussion because anything I say may tilt the scales in the wrong directions.

    Do not kill yourself, I cannot give garentee’s, and I cannot give self assurance but I will ask you dont.

    Whether that statement was serious or just an add-on to your argument, i do not care.

    When humans think beyond what we are supposed to know, only suffering can come. There are limits and there are things stopping us. When we search for the higher being, he is not there and it makes us question our value and purpose. Someone stated to be alive was our purpose (I disagree) but i feel we all have a purpose somewhere and sometime. If you die now, you will never know what that purpose was. You will not know whether that was a purpose worth living for, it might be the one thing in life that was waiting to make life meaningful.

    Seeing as you haven’t mentioned it, I wont state certain things. But maybe we should not put this the perspective of why you should live for yourself. Some people must live to keep the world going, and keep it the happy place it (sometimes) is. Friends, Family, Work Colleges, secret admirers and more, if you died now, they would be miserable. It will be an irreplaceable hole in each person. It will be a large weight everyone’s shoulders. So why do something that you might regret in the future and that which would also cause great suffering to those around you? If like me, you still want to die. It is an open admitance of just how lazy human beings are.

    Do not join the ranks of people like me, lazy, asshole, permanently questioning and depressed with the answers. It’s not worth it, I’m telling you now. Go live a happy life with the only thought being, “Im here to enjoy myself and make others happy.”


  20. Ryan says:

    im tired of all this religous crap not everyone believes in religon ya know so why does all the answers that people arnt sure of have to be religous,
    they say heaven is beyond the stars right? and hell is hell on earth?
    what if you stay on the ground you die?
    say you die on earth you forever haunt the earth there for hell on earth, what if you die beyond the clouds your not stuck on earth are you? i dont believe there is a god but i do believe there is somthing else that we dont know. everyone has there own beliefs and who’d wanna take my side im just a guy that stays to my self everything i learn stays right in front of my eyes and i observe everything specially the actions we take ,noone really concentrates anymore they just go with the flow.i have many many thoughts on the world but the question is are you sain enough to deceide whats right or wrong?what is sain? years ago i could tell you that the earth had more then one demension and you’d think i was crazy now were just finding out its true and the more we learn the less we know.

  21. A Man. says:

    In response to NoYNG. No, I refuse to live life unconscious, though it may be the torment of my mind, I refuse to die before I’m dead.
    By what do you judge the limits of our inquiry? What is stopping us from seeking, or more so, finding something beyond what we perceive as the immediate realm? If one adheres to the teachings of science, and all the knowledge formulated by measurements and calculations, obviously one will find his road-block. However if one adheres to the philosophical realm, we might understand the problem a well as the solution. It is blatant ignorance to write off such an issue as this under the mere guise that inquiry is harmful. Does not doubt lead to inquiry, and inquiry to truth.
    There seems to be no consistency in your statements. You say that you deny the claim that human-beings are simply to be, yet you offer in its place nothing except an abstract form of fate, you call it “purpose”. As far as I can understand atheistic thought and theory, the world, and all life, was born out of chance. There was no director, only the matter that reacted with matter. Yet now, in a world of complete chance, you speak of “purpose”? THIS is beyond my knowledge. Fatalism is nothing that correlate to atheism. Furthermore, based on this feeling of purpose, you claim assertively that humans have a duty to the world and the survival of the species, and even to treat other humans with respect as to not harm them even though they are just as purposeless as I am. I cannot live based on a feeling. And as for the regret of the future, all one need do is look far enough down the timeline of humanity to remember that everyones survival rate drops to zero. Assuredly, Dead men feel nothing, not even regret.
    So once again, what do you have to die for? Does your end justify your actions of goodness, charity, kindness and human decency? Or are these actions just triggers of endorphins and dopamine? Why do anything if it is all for nothing.

    And to such a question, my only proposition to such an eternal problem, and potentially to your laziness, and my suicidal nature is simply theism.

    I am more than happy to discuss questions, if your willing to share yours and put up with mine.

  22. TheNameofYourNextGod says:

    Lol XD

    i was merely stating my opinions on why i dont think suicide is the options for other people, i wasnt going into anything deep on purpose , read “Seeing as you haven’t mentioned it, I wont state certain things.” meaning i do not want go into the whole details of life.

    also i dont know how your mind works, but your commentwas a mess of subjects with no correlation =S

    anyway, its le weekend and im in no mood to discuss now, i’ll comment again later or somehting. But when i read “I cannot live on a feeling.” I suddenly felt a large amount of pity, i dont mean it insultingly, but just think for a moment. all our actions are cone because of feelings. your arguing with me because u feel u must, because u must show me i am wrong, im typing at the moment to share the fact that you need to stop thinking about the deep thought.

    you say “I refuse to live life unconscious” but in my time of thinking. there are those who are happy, and there are those that are not happy. The majority of people who are happy people not wanting to die are those who do not think about these things, they are those that react on feeling, they are those that enjoy life and do not worry about these things? wouldnt you agree? the proof that those who think deeply are suicidal is u and me and many others. so i will not talk about anythign deep at this moment in time, i am telling why you should not die, im not telling you the answrs to your questions.

    btw while i type about how those who are happy are free thinkers and dont worry, the term “unaware” and “stupid” does come to mind, but seriously, when you’re happy and you’re unaware, you’re happy and the generation we are in is not going to see the outcomes of anything further in time to make the world a bad place.

    btw, the whole purpose thing is to keep suicidal people from dying, it is not an answer to life. I would have thought that was pretty damn obvious. Plus, im not atheist.

    im just picking random parts from your comment to asnwer, does my end justify the actions we do? or was it just the hormones of our body making us feel light headed? well, so far in life thats the only thing i knwo that can make us feel “happy”. and that sort of statement, ive said to myself many times, “why do anything when you just die and nothing changes, nothign that i do will affect anyone, nothing i do has any true purpose” blah there endless add-ons to that. that is a very… meaningless train of thought. If we knew what our “purpose” was, or “why” we do anything, would that make it worth doing? would that make you happy? does that change anything at all? does knowledge really make life worth living? a Brain that is kept in a container and can still think, but has no form of communication. If it knew everything, it knew why we were, why we are, and what we are to be. are you telling me that it is happy?

    Science makes life easier, it does not make it worht living, it does not help us in the way to the answer to life. As you said if we use philosophical reasoning, we may understand. But that is limited.

    Science is limited. I will explain some other time, because ive typed way too much for now. hints = think of the word chance and how things work by chance.

    maybe arguing with you will be satisfactory xD just dont waste the life that you have, maybe do soemthign with it, even if it is pointless, try it, i dare you. 😉


    PS, there things ive said which might be unrelated and wrong, but im half asleep i’ll correct later -.- tell me what is wrong and i’ll change it.

  23. A Man. says:

    Do you have any defense for the existence of “purpose”?

    Is there a way you believe humans should live?

    If so Why?

    If not Atheist, what might you be particularly?

    P.S. I cannot believe that the odds scientists give us of the earth arising out of such catastrophic events as those that formed the universe are not pure chance and luck.

    P.P.S. If you state that things were directed by laws, from whence did the laws arise?

  24. Spades says:

    Hey i’ve been off of this for a long time.

    i dont feel like reading all of the shit i’ve missed. But i assume its more of people being like “Yah god!”, etc.

    TheNameOfYourNextGod — i assume you still are arguing against the belief of an afterlife =D

    I want those of you who truely believe in god to ask yourself these few questions. These 3 questions are the most horrifying thoughts if you truely sit down and interpret them for a good while. I want you to put what ever you currently believe behind yourself and just think about these 3 major questions that have shaped my life.

    1. Why am i alive
    2. what happens once i die
    3. Why is there anything

    Please don’t just read these and comment right away. Leave your computer free your mind of everything and just think of the 3 questions. You know you have successfully interpreted these questions when you experience a feeling beyond on words. It is beyond fear. It is more terrifying than anything. It suddenly strikes you that this could be it. And everything ends.

    “Nothing starts from nothing; so why the hell is there anything”
    Quote by myself


  25. Spades says:

    why the hell is there a question mark after my name.


  26. nothin' says:

    Life… It’s a desperate search for an answer that doesn’t have a proper question, nor the means of properly defining (logically) the wantonness to know the impossible. We don’t know. We can’t KNOW, but emotional attachment to abstract idealism, fear of the great unknown, the need to belong to something greater than oneself (even if in a purely theoretical sense), and perhaps even the need to define oneself against the universe (plus whatever other neurological elements are behind the attempt at conscious understanding of the end all be all) drive our search forever onward. So here’s the answer you’ve been searching for: you’re right. christians, jews, buddists, hindus, muslims, wiccians, atheists, etc… you’re all right, because it’s an exercise in futility to righteously proclaim that you KNOW. to KNOW is “to perceive or understand as fact or truth; to apprehend clearly and with certainty”…. this, in relation to the spiritual, is impossible and futile. So, onward you soldiers of the spiritual realm, and fight your war against yourself. all that’s important is that we treat one another by the (almost universal) religious code of peace…. but this too, as history clearly defines, is……. yep. impossible and futile. But, we all can dream, right?

    -“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12).
    -“Do not unto others which would cause pain if done to you” (5:15:17) (Hindu).
    -“One should not extend harm to others which one would not wish for one’s self” (ad lib of Confucius).
    -Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” (Buddhist).
    -I will be as careful for you as I should be for myself in the same need (quote from Homer’s Odyssey)
    -“Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you.” (from Muhammad’s last sermon)
    -“Love thy neighbor as thyself” (Leviticus 19:18). (From the Torah)

    It seems that we all have at least something to agree upon… so there it is. the answer to it all. DON’T FUCK WITH HIM ‘CAUSE HE’S A GONNA FUCK WITH ME BACK…. or something like that.

    -think about it-

  27. NameofYourNextGod says:

    Hey Spades,

    yeh i was arguing with someone before, but he started his comment with “Why should i not commit suicide?” and ended on the same note, so I replied with reasons to live (not religious issues or anything) and then he has a go at me for trying to prevent another death. Oh well, I suppose I just didn’t do a good enough job because he’s not commented back.

    As for “nothin’ ” yeah, you seem to religiously educated (if that’s the correct term). I think Spades (like myself) will have already noticed the similarity in religions. But your proof is good to have, thank you. It is always annoying me how some religions -points finger viciously at christianity- claim that their god or faith, etr, is better or more reliabe because they are the only ones who claim to have a son of god. Bullshit, jesus as such, was a prophet much like most of those of the other religions, claiming he is son of god makes no difference as there is no proof or evidence unless we commit suicide and see him in heaven, before then being plunged to hell because we commited suicide. Fuck, I hate religion.

    Your quotes also make it hard to believe that there are wars at all, or to put it another way. We are not as religious as some may seem. america with its godly ways are out killing and occuping others with god as their back up, despite god secretly pointing a finger at them saying, “Oi! I said no killing, damn it!” and then there are the extreamist muslims who claim that they must please their faith, etr. Thats rubbish anyway, most muslims are fine and great people, its like, why the fuck are they doing it with such a strong belief in something that is so wrong. There are other religions with wars and conflicts, but they are not publicised as much so I am not as aware of them.

    Hmm… another long and generally pointless comment,
    If you learn one thing from this comment (writing to anyone here) stop fighting whether its for your god or your land or your honour. Put it behind you and think about what the world would be like iof everyone did that? If we all did it, there would be no reason to police the world, there would be no reason to attack non-believers, there would be no reason to show that you are better then someone else.

    If you’re intelligent, you’ll know im talking the impossible, but at least lets keep the majority in this peaceful manner.


  28. A Man. says:

    Ante Script concerning THe Name of Your Next God. Yes I did comment back, you never answered.

    To begin, Irony is the only word that seem to pose itself when considering the Atheistic desire for Peace. On what basis do you justify and deplore actions that you should condemn the wars of men, whether religious or those of the stomach (greed, lust of power, money, women all the rare causes of war) Why do you see it fit that we should respect others and thereby adhere to a basic code of civility? If we are matter in motion then what is the difference between me catching a ball and me stopping your heart? besides the factor of nerve damage ( “feelings” we call them). Yes this is touching on the idea of morality, but as for what I can see you offer no foundation for such an idea, neither this nor rationality or even the logic you use (Though these ideas or enjoined distinctly). So if you would please answer my questions i would be happy to listen. But please don’t just tell me to move on with life, unconscious in the face of irrationality.

  29. NameofYourNextGod says:

    Have you noticed, that I havent even tried an intelligent answer back to your question, i have not touched on the matter of why or how in that last comment? Do you know why I didnt? If you dont know why, then please dont be stupid enough to pretend as if I did and start it up again as if im going to answer your particular “Why” and “How” questions.

    As for not replyingg, yes I’m sorrry, I must have missed the email telling me. I apoligise.

    Being 100% honest now, that last comment had no major thought in it, it had no thinking about how to prove things, no major reason of why we should live and no major reason for what reasons there may be. It was purely on feelings, (mainly because i saw Spade’s Comment and just wanted to reply ).

    Alright, you know what. There is no reason why we are alive, there is nothing at the end of the road. The only major theory we have to the creation of the universe was the hydrogen cloud of immense size collapsing to gravity and imploding with enough energy to use nuclear fission and start to make helium and from there the universe is made. We dont have much more then that. This is but a theory, we do not yet know why or how. maybe there is not an answer. or maybe we are not there yet. So we wait. Same applies to god, religions, our reasons for living are all interlinked with these sort of subjects and seeing as we know NONE of the answers, we cant do much. You are basically asking me the God question, I cannot give the answer, I can merely give you my opinion and my look in these thoughts. So please give it up. I am not god yet.

    By the way, remember that almost anything that gives an answer is theory, there is not much in our life that is fact. An example, (off the top of my head) how a plane’s wings are designed to create enough force downwards to help it lift off and keep a horizontal projection, that is a theory. We can put it in a wind tunnel, we can show it works and show why. But when brought back to basics, it is a theory. There might be another reason why that shape works, or there might be another reeason why our planes can fly. But the actually reason could be a long way from our understanding.

    How does a spider hear without any out projecting ears? theory = it hears through the vibrations that hit the larger hairs on it’s legs. Hit the floor, the spider jumps. Cut off the spider’s legs, hit the floor, the spider doesn’t jump. Theory proven correct. Or is it? That is a very basic example, but it is a good one. What we hold in our lives, are theory that can be used, but it may not be the true reason to why it works.

    ok Im bored of typing and im low on time. Bye for now.
    Not answering your “Why” question, so give up.


  30. Spades says:

    School, Drugs, Jobs, Relationships

    All designed to protect you from what you fear most…

    i wish they worked for me.


  31. Jinx666 says:

    Religion is pure and utter shit that breeds hate, murder, fanaticism and trauma-based mind control.

    Your books are a fucking hoax that were scripted to control the masses.

    Go here:

  32. Spades says:

    Very true Jinx666


  33. Jeremy says:

    Sorry, in the last 20 posts did we all forget Brian hadn’t justified anything he said?

    In the 2nd comment Rastaban asked you (BRIAN) to give examples of prophecies that have occurred. If you would like to spread the word of God, convert the masses and encourage us to read the bible, give us a delightful synopsis!

    Oh, and if I’m not mistaken, Richard Hawkins read the Bible; I don’t think he was too enlightened.

    Unfortunately, i originally had huge respect for Christians, certainly if they hold the 8 beatitudes and create such a trusting, optimistic community. From what you’ve been saying you’ve given the impression of a fool, i would take your arguments alot more seriously if you provided evidence. Atheism is taking a grasp, HAND IN HAND WITH THE DEVIL (:o), of this world because Christians don’t provide any justification. At least when i read of the Ontological Argument i can be encourage by Religious believer’s intelligence.

    Spare your breath, i will not read the Bible – I’m currently digesting a book on the British Empire.

    99% eh?

  34. MORPHEUS says:

    All u people who talk about god and your religious books do not know your minds because u have never been thought human psycology in ur schools educational institutions do not teach psycology because they fear that everyone will realise that their religions are just cooked up stories they use fear to brainwash young minds into believing that whatever is written in their religious books is real religion is the greatest cause of hatred & violence in the world *FREE YOUR MIND*

  35. Gabriel Edilberto Cruz y Lumanlan says:

    this good notion that we are stronger in Christ and our Christian faith has brought good inspiration to me and the other Christians in the world. I was raised in a Seventh-Day Adventist community in the Philippines.

    However, when we say we rely to a Supreme Being, someone “miraculous”, something “spiritual” we are to say that we submit our human carnality to something “not-of-this-world”.

    As a natural Atheist I believe in human capacity and limitations and that he also has the nature to cling to something stronger (as what the Bolsheviks and the Nazis did with their reigning heroes), but to be realistic I should view this “Christianity” as a phantasm for the weak and an apparatus for the strong.

    Some people say “God did it!” “Christ gave me a baby!” “Mama Mary’s with us when we defeated the Ottoman fleet in Lepanto!”, but what they do not know is that “self-confidence” and “dedication” that has vrought them to victory over something they are against (a war historian wouldn’t say that ‘God wills it!”, but instead he will describe the politics and the war tactics of those who are involved).

    But I couldn’t say we must wipe out religion as “God-haters” and “inculturists” wants it; without religion there is no knowledge, and without knowledge there is no Atheism. The “ancients” did what’s best for us, so there is tolerance. Only thing I ask of this: realize the “pessimistic/optimistic” view of this world and I hope we are encouraged to set our own values and reality in a sense that we wont thread on someones hoof. Lastly, if science and philosophy has something to do with your confusion and panic (like the theory – anyway just still a theory – that we came from apes) always remeber this: only keep Science for Life; If religion has pulled you in because of the “spiritual” impact of religious icons (those without intention to be beautiful) remember this: art is the only what is spiritual in this world – art for art’s sake.

  36. james says:

    i do not understand how a person can think god is real in this day and age. there is no evidence to there being a god just myths. at the end of the day if you think about it you’ll see that it is a miricale that we are alive. people beleive in god because they are brought up form a child to beleive init or they do not have any idea of how life was made and seek an answear and religion is one way for a person to have an answear on how to live there life, as they do not know what else to do. i do not have any thing against religoin i think it is a good way to live your life and socialise and be comfortable in the thouhgts that some one is always looking out for you. but religion has created wars and deaths from other peoples religion. an in my eyes i there is no religion for me to choose as there are so many, but there is one big issue and that is there is no proof.

  37. B.Brodin says:

    Dear James,
    Will you please notify me as to how life began, that is to say, rational, emotional and human life. I do not believe I am ignorant of such a thing. As far as I can understand the scientific understanding of the origins of life it seems to only lead to an infinite regression of events all having no origin. Your theory is just as if not more vague than the “far-out” idea of religion or a God. So essentially you are still lost in a vague theory as to your understanding of the universe. Your explanation for life is more theoretical than any religion and is more intangeable than God.

    P.S. First of all do not assume the equality of all religions, they are vastly differing in teachings. Secondly, Be wary of accusing religion as the cause of wars and death, though some religions (Islam for example) might lend themselves towards such cruel acts. Many times, especially within Christianity, the truth has been twisted to justify and guise the true political intents of the warring parties. The crusades are an example of such misusings of religion.

    P.P.S. It should also be noted that one of the leading causes of Hitlers war on the world, a well as the genocide of millions was due to the theory of Social Darwinism. Through science and eugenics they desired to create the perfect race and killed millions in their attempt.
    There is much more to be said about politics and greed concerning wars, rather than religion.

  38. Gordon says:

    The one thing that all of you share regardless of how much you clutch onto that which you have chosen believe to be the answer, is none of you actually know the answer. This is the only true statement that makes any sense and yet you all try to convince each other because you believe that you will somehow get rid of that nagging sense of uncertainty that has always haunted you, regardless of how much is has been disowned and how deep it has been shoved into the bowels of your unconscious as a result of your desperate attempts to rid yourself of it.

    Isnt it obvious what to you all what there is to be learned out of all of this?

    He convinced against his will of the same opinion still: Dale Carnegie

  39. B.Brodin says:

    Dear Gordon,
    And I suppose that as a skeptic to all worldviews your certain that all are uncertain, even your own.

    We must take some things as truth. To discredit everything on the idea of uncertainty is to dispose of our sanity.
    For example,We cannot be certain that our perception of the world is even remotely similar to that of others. For, even if we were to see others point of view it would still be through our own. So we can even be uncertain about the world we live in. Yet, sadly, whether it be real or not, we must cope with it; gravity still works, the sky is still up and waters still wet. All this to say that we can judge what is real and true because there is no other option. It is really no use living the lie of uncertainty because we are and that is all there is to it. Now, let us find why and who and how.
    This is where the ambiguity comes into play, when the minds of men begin to formulate theories of the comsic world. Just like different theories and hypotheses’ in science they are all plausible, yet one must be right. This is found by looking toward, not the bias of the scientist but toward reality.
    So it is with the religions of the world. It is not one giant pile of uncertain hypotheses’, all are seeking truth in and about this world and our reality, our one indubitable universal.
    Therefore, we can look to reality to show us what is true, once we begin to accept the existance of the world we can begin to find these philosophical answers within it. With a reasoning eye we can see them. We may jumble them together, these religions,Yet one must be right. I’ve seen philosophies in relationship to real people in real life, and none seems as compatible as the one truth that is Jesus Christ.
    So you may go on doubting everything; from the dirt and sky to humanity and the soul, and even beyond the universe, but your life will begin to crumble.

  40. Jeremy Cave says:

    Dear B.Brodin,

    I agree with your initial response to our skeptic. I’m not sure how you managed to simply discard science as a means to studying reality. Science, unlike religion, provides a much firmer foundation for anyone’s belief in their meaning than religion. Some
    may find spiritual truthes in religion or the bible but with only, for example, 7% of the UK now Christian how can we conclude what Jesus talks of is the definitive meaning to our existence? Science provides answer that are seemingly, for a skeptic could
    claim not definitive, truths – with justfication and reasoning and consequently something we can all accept.

  41. A.K says:

    Try to learn more about islam , i think it is good for all .
    don’t look at moslems just read about it !
    thank you my friedns .
    have fun

  42. A_person says:

    I wish I was raised without crazy religion, believing in invisible people and so forth. Then I could just live, for the goodness of people, for life itself. But my upbringing haunts me with the ghosts and other lies I was taught. Jesus and all supernatural shit is double speak and fucks up thought itself.

  43. sirwankalot says:

    I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry mate i was bored. sorry!



  45. Moki says:

    We exist to feel emotion for God

  46. Biff Henderson says:

    Someone from State College Craigslist told me to scroll down and leave a comment.

  47. Summer says:

    You stated that the naturalist view “Folds God into nature”… that’s not removing God. You are anti-religious, not anti-God. Naturalism doesn’t equal Atheism.

  48. sad fact says:

    Beware those who say they know the truth, for they are blind. The truth will never be known in your lifetime.

  49. sad fact says:

    philosophy corrupts the mind. It places ones own opinion above others, and in the history of mankind, when has that ever been benificiery? Why does it mtter if we’re alice. We can’t do anything about it, other then end it prematurely, and what does that accomplish. I am just content living my life and seeing what unfurls. I am an atheist, but that does not PROVE that god does not exist.

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