Prayers & Queries

(On the Subjective Value of Non-Existent Beings)

When I bend my knee meekly
and throw up a thoughtless prayer
to a God greater than me
I feel better immediately.

But it works regardless who I supplicate
with my fevered wishes.
I can pray to the moon
just as effectively;
moreso, actually
since the moon is so beautiful
and moves through the cloudy darkness in such majesty.

Or Mars, or Marduk, or Minerva
Aten, Aphrodite, Athena
it doesn’t matter the god I pray to
so long as I can feel its greatness
its greater-than-me-ness
I feel better immediately.

But if I happen to come out of feeling
if I dare to put a thought behind my heaven-sent address
if my prayer transforms itself into a question
a query or series of queries
then the great ones hasten to disappear.

Even the moon sneaks behind her clouds.

Likewise, if I pierce God with a few hard questions
if I skewer Him with whys,
He runs and hides.
Apparently He can’t take the heat.

No matter.
Whether query or prayer,
I feel better immediately.

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3 Responses to Prayers & Queries

  1. Jodel says:

    the latter paragraphs lacks substance to differentiate it with the former.

  2. Sarah Marie Lapointe says:

    That’s a really nice poem, and I love the last verse. Because really, when anybody asks their God why they do something, nobody can think of an answer. The best thought of why I have is basically because your God wanted somebody else’s mind to screw with.

  3. Dwight says:

    Sarah, thanks for the compliment. I’m delighted you like it.

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