Atheology n. against God or gods, anti-theology, the defense of naturalism

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  1. morgan lamberth says:

    Sign me up,please.

  2. Rastaban says:

    You can sign yourself up. The first step is to register (the link is near the top of the sidebar at right). If you would like to write blog posts, send an email to admin@atheology.com with your request. Before they show up on the site, your posts must be approved by an editor. We look for posts that are more or less on subject, polite and reasonable.

  3. Sarah says:

    I am not an atheist, and therefore not eligible to sign up, at least according to your invitation above. However, I would like to quote your essay on C.S Lewis’ Moral Argument in a paper that I am writing. “Rastaban” doesn’t look very professional in a footnote, so if you could please email me a better name (even if it isn’t your real one, I won’t know) to jades_fire_14[at]yahoo[dot]com. Thank you very much, and thank you for a thought-provoking blog.


  4. Richard says:


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