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Why atheism?

Why am I an atheist? Since atheism is still a somewhat unusual point of view, let me be candid about why I believe no God exists. Before proceeding, it is important to define God — otherwise no coherent discussion is … Continue reading

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IHEU corrects UN Human Rights Council

The International Humanist and Ethical Union monthly news email just came. Among their recent activities they have endorsed a letter sent by Diana Brown of the World Population Foundation to the U.N. Human Rights Council objecting to their resolution (also … Continue reading

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Daylight Atheism

Adam has written another elegant post over at daylight atheism: We must face the facts: our lives, in the grand scheme of things, are short. Like the leaves falling from the tree, we bloom, flourish, and inevitably wither. Vast expanses … Continue reading

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Naturalism’s Touchstone Proposition

In his book, Faith & Reason, Ronald Nash introduced what he calls Christianity’s “touchstone proposition.” A touchstone proposition, Nash explained, is the “control-belief or ultimate presupposition” that encapsulates the “fundamental truth ” of a worldview. [p. 46] Nash followed with … Continue reading

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What atheists have in common

It’s often said that the only thing atheists have in common is what they disbelieve. It’s also often said that disbelieving in God is just as much a religious belief as is believing in God, or more exactly, that both … Continue reading

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Prayers & Queries

(On the Subjective Value of Non-Existent Beings) When I bend my knee meekly and throw up a thoughtless prayer to a God greater than me I feel better immediately. But it works regardless who I supplicate with my fevered wishes. … Continue reading

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Does Life Have Meaning?

Perhaps the most popular objection to naturalism is the claim that without a God life is meaningless. Let’s take a look at it. This is actually a two-part claim under a natural world view life has no meaning God provides … Continue reading

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Time & Change

Time is a function of change — if there were no change there would be and could be no time. Time in fact is only a way of measuring change by comparing it to a standard clock (a standard clock … Continue reading

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Contingency and Necessity

Theists say something created everything out of nothing. But was this something, this God, itself part of the nothing or part of the everything? If part of nothing, it is nothing. If not part of everything, isn’t it also nothing? … Continue reading

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Teach the Controversy

One thing advocates of teaching Intelligent Design (ID) in school like to say is why not expose kids to both sides and “teach the controversy.” I’m actually very sympathetic to this approach. The goal of education is to learn how … Continue reading

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