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Rev. Alberts: Time to Censure Bush

Writing in Counterpunch, Rev.William Alberts says it’s time for people of faith — in particular the Methodist Church — to bring disciplinary action against the President, who happens to be a Methodist. Rev. William Alberts: Time for People of Faith … Continue reading

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How Attacking Iran Benefits China

It’s widely recognized that the greatest beneficiary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq has been Iran. Just as clearly, the biggest beneficiary of a U. S. attack on Iran will be China.This is why the administration’s recent exhortation to China’s … Continue reading

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al-Qaida Infiltrated Dubai Agencies

In the midst of all the controversy over allowing the state-owned Dubai Ports to manage seaports in the U.S., I never saw anyone mention that al-Qaida has infiltrated (and therefore compromised) the government of the United Arab Emirates. Maybe I … Continue reading

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Life Goes On in Iraq

They even held a beauty contest to choose the Iraqi candidate for Miss Universe — shouldn’t that prove there’s no civil war going on? But here comes the big bad American media, focusing as usual on the bad news instead … Continue reading

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Confusing Terrorists with Terrorist Victims

The rebels killed her father when they raided her home in Liberia. She was held prisoner, beaten and raped, even forced to wash the clothing of the men who raped her. Fortunately she was able to escape after a few … Continue reading

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Templeton Prayer Study Flawed

Touted as the largest scientific examination of prayer’s effect on hospital patients, the Templeton Foundation arranged for Christians to pray for 1800 heart patients and tracked the results. Prayer was not effective. According to CNN, “[t]he patients . . . … Continue reading

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Evolution — the Dividing Line

It’s not surprising that the issue of teaching evolution (or not — or countering it with intelligent design) keeps cropping up around the country. For practical purposes, evolution is the dividing line between theism and atheism. Evolution points the way … Continue reading

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Atheists Disliked

Two recent studies, one by The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, the other by the University of Minnesota, reveal a continuing lack of tolerance for atheists on the part of the American public. “American’s increasing acceptance of religious … Continue reading

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In Praise of Folly

Where is Erasmus when you need him? The Catholic divine might have thought he chased this sort of folly out of Christianity 500 years ago, but it appears not. . . . three Christian ministers today blessed the doors of … Continue reading

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Agnosticism Revisited & the Case for Atheism

It is easy to understand how one can be undecided about the existence of God. I’m often undecided myself, since doubting my convictions is the first step in any serious analysis; yet I am as atheist as they come. Agnosticism … Continue reading

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