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An Irreverent Look at God, Sex & Design

Theists like to argue that design—especially the complex design we see in organisms—is proof there must be a Designer. And theists denigrate evolution precisely because it provides an alternate explanation for design. If evolution suffices, then not only does there … Continue reading

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Competing Moralities & Perfect God

The existence of evil is difficult to understand if we assume the universe is the product of a perfect God. However, embrace the scientific/evolutionary viewpoint and evil becomes understandable. After all, what is supremely “good” for the ebola virus is … Continue reading

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Thoughts, Feelings & Faith

People don’t like to be told that their feelings are wrong. Which is understandable. Feeling are, after all, not thoughts. They can’t be proved—or disproved. They just are. Which is why religion animates us, and philosophy does not. Religion is … Continue reading

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