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An Aura of Ownership

The purpose of solemnizing prayer before a legislative session is to create an aura of ownership over the proceedings which follow. Five Catholics on the Supreme Court find that permissible. Although bringing church to work feels wholly comfortable to the … Continue reading

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Fundamental Enemies

It is not easy to make human pleasure the enemy. It is not easy to induce people to sacrifice the creature comforts of bodily life for the wasteland of spiritual existence called heaven: paranoia and fear are required for the … Continue reading

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Christian ‘BattleCry’ to save America’s Soul

Sunsara Taylor reports on a recent BattleCry rally of 17,000 young people in Philadelphia. BattleCry is Ron Luce’s effort to engage young Christians in order to return the United States to “Christian” values. Taylor reports, ‘A featured speaker, Franklin Graham, … Continue reading

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Doctors Complain about Health Lies

Now that conservative Christians have gained control over the Federal and some State governments, doctors are complaining about “unreliable” and in some cases entirely false information showing up on government websites and in sex education programs. So reports an article … Continue reading

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1,000,000 Rupees for Dan Brown’s head

Catholics in India are so upset with the movie version of The Da Vinci Code, that some are going beyond just trying to get the movie banned in India. According to Ecumenical News,  Nicolas Almeida, a Catholic from Mumbai India, … Continue reading

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Losing Sacred Stories

Over the past decade most major daily newspapers added a religious section. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) calls theirs “Faith & Values”. Its primary goal seems to be defending the faith — or at least the various faiths — of the … Continue reading

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Templeton Prayer Study Flawed

Touted as the largest scientific examination of prayer’s effect on hospital patients, the Templeton Foundation arranged for Christians to pray for 1800 heart patients and tracked the results. Prayer was not effective. According to CNN, “[t]he patients . . . … Continue reading

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In Praise of Folly

Where is Erasmus when you need him? The Catholic divine might have thought he chased this sort of folly out of Christianity 500 years ago, but it appears not. . . . three Christian ministers today blessed the doors of … Continue reading

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Relativism & the Pope

Ratzinger, the new Pope, wrote “Having a clear faith, based on the Creed of the Church, is often labeled today as a fundamentalism. Whereas, relativism, which is letting oneself be tossed and ‘swept along by every wind of teaching’, looks … Continue reading

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Eve’s Breasts

With apologies to Christ (who I’m certain would have been as perplexed as I am), we have more evidence of the moral insanity of American Christians. An artist in Roseville, Michigan and an art gallery owner in Pilot Point, Texas … Continue reading

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