Life Goes On in Iraq

They even held a beauty contest to choose the Iraqi candidate for Miss Universe — shouldn’t that prove there’s no civil war going on? But here comes the big bad American media, focusing as usual on the bad news instead of the good. ABC News reports that the young woman who was proclaimed “Miss Iraq” had to give up her crown four days later because of death threats against her and her family. The family is now planning to flee Iraq. Undeterred, pageant officials offered her crown to the first runner-up, but she declined it. The 2nd runner-up withdrew from the beauty contest rather than risk accepting the crown. The 3rd runner up likewise withdrew. Pageant officials finally found a teenager — a Christian no less — brave enough or foolish enough to accept the crown.I’m sure the Administration will find a way to spin this positively while chiding the media for focusing on the negative, but it seems to me that a country where it is not safe to win even a beauty contest can only be described as in dire straits. At what point, if ever, will our President catch on that the God he relies on for guidance, the war-Jesus to whom he prays, exists only in his imagination?

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