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Cosmological Arguments

The Cosmological Argument is perhaps the classic argument for the existence of a God. Thomas Aquinas included it in his famous Five Ways, although over the years his argument has been constantly refashioned. It lives on in several distinct versions. I bring … Continue reading

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Time & Change

Time is a function of change — if there were no change there would be and could be no time. Time in fact is only a way of measuring change by comparing it to a standard clock (a standard clock … Continue reading

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Contingency and Necessity

Theists say something created everything out of nothing. But was this something, this God, itself part of the nothing or part of the everything? If part of nothing, it is nothing. If not part of everything, isn’t it also nothing? … Continue reading

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CS Lewis’ Moral Argument

In Mere Christianity, C S Lewis wrote: If a good God made the world why has it gone wrong? And for many years I simply refused to listen to the Christian answers to this question, because I kept on feeling … Continue reading

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Zeno & Infinity

Pivotal moments in one’s intellectual development come unexpectedly. For me the key moment arrived in 9th grade English class when Miss Blumenstock gave a brief run-down of Zeno’s “theory of motion” [see footnote] and asked us to write a paper … Continue reading

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Theism’s Rose-Colored Glasses

Atheists often find it difficult to understand why theists continue to believe in God despite lack of evidence and the nearly insurmountable problem of evil. But the theist position isn’t difficult to understand once we recognize that the divide between … Continue reading

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Intro to Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274) sought to find a workable fusion of Aristotle and the Church; nonetheless he strongly objected to Plato’s formulation of man as strictly a thinker and the Platonic abandonment of matter. In particular, Plato’s program consisted … Continue reading

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Aquinas and the 2nd Way

I was first exposed to Aquinas’ 5 proofs of God’s existence as a college freshman — a strongly religious theistic freshman, at that — yet immediately I saw that his proofs were flawed. They didn’t work to prove God at … Continue reading

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Evolution — the Dividing Line

It’s not surprising that the issue of teaching evolution (or not — or countering it with intelligent design) keeps cropping up around the country. For practical purposes, evolution is the dividing line between theism and atheism. Evolution points the way … Continue reading

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